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  • Electric strikes can be operated in fail-secure mode, which enables them to remain locked in the event of a power outage. This makes them suitable for doors that protect secure areas.


  • An electric strike door lock is a type of electro-mechanical door locking device. They perform the functions of a mechanical lock, but are powered by electricity. You can get an electric strike for double doors and standard doors.


  • A mortise lock relies on a relatively large mechanism, which slots into the interior of the door. This means that the door in question must be of a certain thickness, in order to accommodate the lock.


  • The working principle of Door Closer Hardware: When the door is opened, the door body drives the connecting rod to move, and makes the transmission gear rotate, which drives the rack plunger to move to the right.


  • We may casually call them electric locks, they are technically electric strikes. This terminology is key because magnetic locks are technically electric, too! Operated mechanically, electric locks replace the traditional door strike with an electrical one. T


  • Mortise locks are a specific type of lock set which are used in the commercial security industry and is used in applications which require adoor lock which is both heavy duty and high frequency.