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How to change the door lock?

1. Door lock removal method

First of all, loosen the two screws of the door inner gusset plate with a screwdriver, remove the door outer gusset plate, the connecting rod and the door handle (handle) of the lock, loosen the middle fixing screw of the lock body with a screwdriver, then remove the door inner gusset plate and lock core.

2. Installation method of door lock

The door lock installation and the removal of the lock steps are opposite:

(1) First install the lock body and fix the lock body with screws;

(2) then install the inside and outside hand panel and lock cap, and then use two screws to fix the inside panel on both sides;

(3) After the initial installation, turn the outer hand, the inner hand to observe whether the inclined tongue can be smoothly recovered and extended, turn the rear panel knob to feel whether the square tongue is smoothly recovered, insert the key to rotate back and forth, feel whether the square tongue is smoothly extended back, not smooth can be adjusted appropriately.