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Can't choose the right door lock _ Buy hardware locks to focus on function or appearance?

For home safety, hardware door lock is a very important link undoubtedly. And the indoor door lock is the home decoration will not be less, then how to choose these good indoor locks, and can better present this sense of decoration design?

1. Choose by functionality

In home decoration, seemingly ordinary hardware is often very important, and may even cause more serious accident hidden danger. Therefore, we should recognize the importance of hardware locks in the whole home:

(1) Anti-theft lock functionality: basic anti-theft lock functionality should be added in the entrance door, master room and small library to ensure personal safety.

(2) Fire safety, escape, rescue and other functions: the functional design scheme can avoid safety risks to life in emergency situations. If the hardware lock is not safe, the hardware lock body will be deformed in high temperature weather, which makes it impossible to open in danger and delay the best time for escape. If there are more old people and children in the home, it is necessary to install a hardware lock that can open the door door from the outside.

2. Material matters

Compared with the advantages and disadvantages of various types of hardware door locks on the market at present, choosing environmental protection products is safe to ensure the healthy life of the whole family:

(1) Space aluminum -- easy to produce, process and shape, low project cost, soft texture, easy to deformation, low compressive strength, good aging resistance, hard and dull gloss, easy to be oxidized by air, short life, boring and simple style, low material cost, poor fire safety function.

(2) zinc alloy material - easy precision casting production and processing, strong corrosion resistance, can be made in many styles, surface layer color, low compressive strength, good aging resistance, good rust resistance, the total value of the material is low cost.

(3) stainless steel -- strong corrosion resistance, high compressive strength, fire safety, anti-drilling, anti-skid, anti-saw, anti-collision, long service life; The texture is well-balanced, the relative density is good, there are no air holes and sand holes, the gloss is beautiful, well-balanced and smooth; Green environmental protection, complex process production, high project cost.

3 hardware door lock selection before the preparation work in advance

In the clear hardware door function and comparison of the material, according to the needs of family life, we first clear the size and opening of customized solid wood door, that is, can do the selection of the preparation work in advance:

(1) in the selection of hardware door locks, the first statistical analysis to lock the door thickness and width of the door frame, to facilitate the staff equipped with anti-theft lock core length and width of the lock body.

(2) the door has a single open, double open, left and right side open points, to understand the opening of the door, to facilitate the staff equipped with hardware door lock opening. (Note: the hinge mounted on the left side of the door is left open, and the hinge mounted on the right side of the door is right open)

3. The color of the door and its decoration style.

4. Door hardware accessories used as hardware door lock supporting facilities products, should be kept in harmony with the design style of hardware door locks, create group beauty and maintain the integrity of the design scheme.