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Evacuation training in Cixi Yujing Metals Co.,Ltd



We will organize an evacuation practice for all the staffs who work in Cixi Yujing,It can strengthen the staffs’ safe guard consciousness to prevent overcrowding,trampling incidents and improve the ability to handle emergencies.


1. Plant safety coordinator distributes the evacuation plan for each dept manager and safety coordinator.

2. The safety coordinator and dept. Manager are responsible for all staffs’ fire prevention,fire fighting,crowding stampede,earthquakes and other emergencies education.

3. The safety training made the staffs to understand:(1)be calm when met the incident;(2)distinguish the situation and think the countermeasure;(3)self-saving actively and mutual help;(4)obey the command and evacuation orderly.To avoid:panic and confusion,trampling each other.

三.The practice process

Held the emergency practice on Apr 22th,2021,all the staffs attended.

1. All the staffs on duty and off duty normally.

2. The commander-in-chief startups the emergency alarm and notifies the staffs to urgency evacuation.

3. When hearing the alarm bell and notice,all the staffs stop their work,the safety coordinator takes charge of evacuating own dept.staffs and suppliers.The safety coordinator should arrive the scene of the accident in the first time,to understand the accident location and detail info.,report it to superior in time.

4. The staffs should evacuate according to the designated route to assembly points.

5. HR provides the attendance name list of staffs of the day.

6. Collect all employees,the safety coordinator organize to count the people,and check with HR attendance data.

7. The safety coordinator organize to save the property,valuable equip.,and should arrange somebody to take charge of the material to prevent being stolen;rescue the wounded person,clean and protect the scene.

8. If someone injures,the first aid group should give him provisional salvation.

9. The safety group takes charge of examining and affirming accident scene,and deploys the salvation solution.

10. After the safety group confirming accident was solved,then the staffs are allowed to enter the company.

Report by Emily Yao

Date:April 22th.2021