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The classification of the door lock body

Single tongue(door lock body)
It is mainly used in the environment of room doors, offices and other non entry doors. It can also be matched and used with the intelligent access control system. The intelligent door lock has both the function of mechanical door lock and intelligent lock, which is convenient and safe.

Heaven and earth lock(door lock body)
As the name suggests, this kind of lock body is to lock the door. At the same time, the lock body transmission device drives the locking point and lower locking point (respectively at the upper edge and lower edge of the door leaf), plus these four cylindrical locking points. When locking the door, you can lock the three sides of the door. In addition, the four sides of the door hinge can lock the door leaf and the door frame together, which has a good anti prying and anti-collision function.

When identifying whether the anti-theft door is a three-way lock, look at the door frame to see if there is a corresponding hole, so that the lock point of the door lock extends into the door frame, both up and down. Second, look at the door lock, open the door, lock the lock with the key, and check whether there is a lock point protruding from the inside.

Turn it on and off(door lock body)
This is the anti-theft lock body of the new heaven and earth lock, which is very convenient for opening and closing doors. The key is not needed to lock the door and open the locked door. Only lift the handle upward. This lock body is only applicable to steel wood doors (the one without windows) and fully closed doors. Because it has the function of quick opening and closing, this kind of lock body can not be used for fence type stainless steel anti-theft door and fence anti-theft door. The reason is very simple. Just use a small stick to move the handle of the door outside the door, and the door will open. It can't prevent theft.