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How to choose a good door lock body

1. Considering the quality of the door lock body, the lock body of different anti-theft locks is also different. Some anti-theft locks have very strong protection performance, which is reflected in the anti-collision and anti opening performance of the lock body.The door lock body can be seen that the lock body directly determines the quality of the lock, so it needs to be considered from many aspects when purchasing. The price of the anti-theft door lock body needs to be considered according to the relationship with the lock, whether it has safety performance and the angle of anti-collision and anti prying.

2. Considering the brand of the door lock body, it is very important for the majority of consumers to choose the lock body with brand. Some lock bodies have high price but high defensive level, while some lock bodies have low price and low defensive performance.

3. Considering the protection performance of the door lock body, many consumers will consider the use time when choosing the anti-theft lock. For example, if the lock body is broken, it can be replaced directly. This is also the price advantage of an anti-theft lock. The price of an anti-theft lock actually reflects the cost performance of an anti-theft lock.