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The basic concept of the door lock cylinder

The door lock cylinder adopts a number of anti-theft technologies and a variety of special-shaped anti pulling bullets to prevent technical opening. Combined with the unique structural design of bullets and blades, it has high safety performance against technical opening. The lock bladder is equipped with a precision number bullet and a special-shaped bullet structure. When the number bullet and the special-shaped bullet must be pulled out at the same time during the technical opening, it will be locked automatically, so that the technical opening will be ineffective. The lock cylinder adopts multiple combinations of a variety of special-shaped marbles, which can compile billions of key numbers at most, so as to realize zero mutual opening of areas (1 / 16 million). The lock cylinder adds a lateral internal pressure side column clamping pin device, which greatly improves the ability to prevent violent and strong torsion.

The door lock cylinder is the main part to control the opening of the lock. It is the heart of the lock. It refers to the core part that can rotate with the key and drive the movement of the lock bolt.