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How to select a good door cylinder

1.(door lock cylinder)In the past, when buying a lock, we used to judge the quality of the lock cylinder by the number of key teeth. It mainly depends on the structure of the lock cylinder. The blade side column structure is often much better than the traditional marble structure. When picking a lock, it's best to find a professional teacher for advice and then pick it according to the situation.
2.(door lock cylinder) pick the lock and weigh two kilograms. One is to compare the weight and the other is to look at the lock cylinder. The heavier the weight, the better the quality of the lock cylinder, the more beads in the lock cylinder and the better the anti-theft function.

3. (door lock cylinder)select the lock cylinder to see the color, and compare the color to the workmanship. The lock cylinder with good quality adopts electroplating treatment, with smooth surface and bright color. Among them, the copper core with dark yellow color is relatively solid and has good anti-theft performance. The lock core has dim color, gray color and bubbles. The zinc alloy has general anti-theft performance.
4. the anti-theft performance of the key rotating and inserted into the lock cylinder is poor. After the key is half inserted, rotate it clockwise or counterclockwise with 5 to 7 points of force and continue to press the key into the lock port. The stuck key shows that the anti-theft performance of the lock cylinder is poor. If it is successfully inserted into the lock cylinder in the half rotating state, it shows that the anti-theft effect is good.