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The importance of the bathroom door handle(2)

If we only pay attention to the quality of the toilet sliding door(door handle) and ignore the door handle, it will bring a lot of trouble. Therefore, we must pay attention to the selection of sliding doors, which should be comprehensively selected from many aspects. For the choice of door handle, if you can choose copper, don't choose stainless steel. Because the use frequency of the toilet is very high, if you choose the door handle, you should choose the copper one. Because stainless steel handles are easier to be contaminated with bacteria than copper handles, it is concluded that copper has the effect of sterilization, which has also become the key reason why many people choose copper handles when choosing door handles.

A small door handle also plays an important role. With it, it can bring people a lot of convenience. If there is no door handle, it is difficult to open or close the sliding door. Not only that, the door handle also plays an important role, that is, it can bring people safety. Even if there is no door handle, the sliding door can be opened and closed, but it will cause certain dangers, especially for owners with children in the family. It must be noted that without the door handle, it is easy to cause children or parents to be squeezed by the sliding door and injured.