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The pro and con of the door handle

Advantages of the door handle
Durable, streamlined design, simple and practical.
The door handle has strong stability, high density and heavy weight. It will not peel off and fade after electroplating and polishing. It is not easy to rust and aging in wet environment, and the overall structure is not loose.
Corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, strong stability, no fading, anti-wear function and good adhesion.
Bright chrome plating on the surface, perfect texture, strong coating adhesion, no corrosion and peeling. It has high-strength anti-corrosion and anti-wear functions, good adhesion, uniform coating, thick visual feeling, and the surface color is as bright as a mirror.

Shortcoming of the door handle
After using for a long time of door handle, the surface will darken and form a thin layer of copper oxide. If the copper ware is placed in a humid environment, green copper rust will be formed on the surface.
After a period of time, a layer of fog will appear on the stainless steel surface to darken the handrail surface.
The hardness is relatively low, at the same time, its wear resistance is also relatively poor, and the melting point of aluminum is relatively low