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How to select a good door handle(1)

(1) Material of the door handle: the materials of bathroom handrails in the market are as follows: copper chromium, stainless steel chromium plating, aluminum alloy chromium plating, etc. among these materials, pure copper chromium plating products can prevent oxidation and rarely fade; stainless steel chromium plating is cheap, but the service time is relatively short. Although bathroom handrails are small things, consumers should pay attention to choosing products with good quality, no Then the bathroom handrail should be replaced every time.

(2) Coating of the door handle: coating treatment is very important for hardware pendant, which is related to the service life, smoothness and wear resistance of the product. A good coating is black and shiny, with a sense of moisture, while a poor coating has a dull luster. A good coating is very flat, and a careful look at a poor coating will find wavy fluctuations on the surface. If there are depressions on the surface, it must be a poor product Product. Good coatings are more wear-resistant, and there are basically no scratches on the surface, while poor products will have dense scratches on the surface.