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How to take good care of the door handle

(1) Often open windows(door handle): develop the habit of often opening doors and windows, which can not only keep the air in the bathroom unblocked, but also help the health of family members and absorb more fresh air.

(2) Often wipe the door handle: the surface of the bathroom handrail should be often wiped with soft cotton cloth and clean water to ensure bright luster. Corrosive acid-base solution must not be used, and detergent should not be used as much as possible.

(3) Corrosion prevention of the door handle: if we want to decorate at ordinary times, we must not let the paint touch the bathroom handrail, because the paint has a great corrosive effect on the coating on the surface of the bathroom handrail. There are many cleaners with frequently changing formulas on the market, so we are advised not to buy them, which may also cause serious damage to the bathroom handrail. Many bleaches, cleaners and vinegar It contains a lot of acidic substances and has a strong corrosive effect. It is recommended not to use it.