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How to clean the door handle(2)

(3) Use mild detergent(door handle): for stubborn scale, surface scale film and stains that are difficult to remove, please use mild liquid detergent, colorless glass cleaning solution or polishing solution without wear effect, and then clean the bathroom handrail with clean water and wipe it dry with soft cotton cloth.

(4) Use toothpaste and soap(door handle): you can use a wet cotton cloth coated with toothpaste and soap, wipe it gently, and then wash it with clean water.

(5) Use wax oil(door handle): wax oil with strong decontamination ability can be applied on clean white cotton cloth to thoroughly clean the whole product. The cycle is generally 3 months, which can prolong the service life of the bathroom handrail. Remember to wipe the water stains after each cleaning, otherwise there may be water stains and dirt on the surface of the pendant.