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Leader in Lock:YuJing Metals

Lock, of course, is a humble hardware commodity, but it has a very close relationship with people and society, which is related to the safety of every family, unit and public place. Lock brand is a special commodity, which has a very important relationship with safety. Therefore, whether at home or abroad, the lock industry has a set of extremely strict quality standards and safety requirements.

At present, the market inspection situation of the technical supervision department has reflected that the quality of locks in the market is uneven, with both advantages and disadvantages. It can be seen that in order to covet market profits, departmental enterprises ignore the quality of products with a very irresponsible attitude, and push products that do not meet the quality standards to the market, which has brought trouble and trouble to consumers and directly damaged the interests of consumers.

Poor quality awareness and lack of strict management. Illegal operation and unscrupulous means to seek benefits. Disorderly management leads to the decline of product quality. In order to combat and prevent the sale of unqualified products in the market, in addition to the strict monitoring of relevant government departments, dealers should cooperate closely with consumers to resist inferior goods. Advocate to introduce the basic knowledge of locks to consumers, so that consumers have a basic understanding of locks and increase their understanding of locks. Especially in the selection, installation and use of locks, we should pay attention to the problems, so as to educate and guide consumers and drive inferior products out of the market.

With the progress of the times, locks have developed rapidly. There has been a leap in shape, surface treatment, structure, function and material application. Various professional locks came into being. Styles and varieties emerge one after another, so that locks occupy an extremely important position in the hardware products and security products industry.