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Electric Strike Door Lock


An electric strike door lock is a type of electro-mechanical door locking device. They perform the functions of a mechanical lock, but are powered by electricity. You can get an electric strike for double doors and standard doors. Availability of electric power also makes it possible to incorporate additional functionality beyond basic locking and unlocking. So, how do electric strikes work?


Curious about electric strike door lock installation? An electric strike is installed on the inside of a door frame where it replaces a standard door lock strike plate. A hinged piece of metal, similar to a conventional strike plate, provides the ‘latch’. The electric motor and cabling are also installed on the inside of the door frame to form an electric strike plate lock. Installation must be precise and may require the services of a skilled, specialist installer.


A small motor on the strike is connected to a power supply and the current holds the strike plate in the locked position to keep the door closed and secured. When a door system submits a signal to release the lock, the strike place pivots allowing an authorized user to open the door.

An electric strike door lock can be used in conjunction with different types of access control, including keypads (keypad magnetic lock), proximity systems, electronic key cards, and RFID access cards.


Electric strikes secure one side of the door. Anyone on the outside of the door requires authorization to open it. However, anyone on the inside of the door can open it. That makes electric strike door lock suitable for door where access only has to be monitored and controlled in one direction.

Electric strikes can be operated in fail-secure mode, which enables them to remain locked in the event of a power outage. This makes them suitable for doors that protect secure areas.

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