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The benefits of Electric strike


Electric strikes secure one side of the door. Anyone on the outside of the door requires authorization to open it. However, anyone on the inside of the door can open it. That makes electric strikes suitable for doors where access only has to be monitored and controlled in one direction. Electric strikes can be operated in fail-secure mode, which enables them to remain locked in the event of a power outage. This makes them suitable for doors that protect secure areas. 

The benefits of Electric strike

Affordable – Electric strikes cost less to purchase than magnetic security locks, although more complex installation may add to overall costs.

Single-sided security – This is a practical, affordable solution for doors that only need to control access in one direction.

No exit delays – Doors can be easily opened from the inside, making it easy for users to leave an area.

Increased security – If the power goes out, doors with electric locks will remain securely locked. However, for safety reasons, anyone inside the building can unlock the door by pressing the panic bar.

Simple functionality – The lock does not require any modification to the locking mechanism. The strike plate replaces the standard latch and operates in the same way as a mechanical lock.

Flexible –The lock can be operated in fail-safe or fail-secure mode.


Complex installation –The locks must be fitted with great precision, generally by a specialist installer.

Unsuitable door frames – Electric strikes must be precisely matched to the hardware on the door. Some types of door frames may not be suitable for this type of lock.

Risk of tampering – The locks are visible to the door user (unlike hidden magnetic locks), which can make it more susceptible to tampering.

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