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  • The 2023 China International Hardware Exhibition has been held from September 19 to September 21 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.


  • Ningbo Yujing hardware Co., Ltd. Has been testing and adjusting the automatic polishing workshop from Sep. 2022, the main core is the 5 Axis robot, with it’s smart handle, the hardware pieces’ surface could be treated, burr would be removed, surface finish like satin brush, mirror Finish would be easily done here. More Important is that, the workers could be far away from Hazardous substances.


  • Aimed to be Lean Manufacturing, Ningbo Yujing hardware Co., Ltd. Has begun to use Robot technology since the year 2020. On August, 2022, the CNC workshop start to using Robot 7th Axis Linear Track, one 6 Axis Robot, moving on the Track, could serve 18 sets of CNC Machine, which mainly process door handle lever, door Lock Chassis, Lock Panel, Lock trims. The Reconstruction could free our colleague’s hands, more safe, what they need to do is to prepare the Raw material and check the quality of the lock parts.


  • Electric strikes can be operated in fail-secure mode, which enables them to remain locked in the event of a power outage. This makes them suitable for doors that protect secure areas.


  • An electric strike door lock is a type of electro-mechanical door locking device. They perform the functions of a mechanical lock, but are powered by electricity. You can get an electric strike for double doors and standard doors.


  • A mortise lock relies on a relatively large mechanism, which slots into the interior of the door. This means that the door in question must be of a certain thickness, in order to accommodate the lock.